Studentin Anahita Latifi: in schwarz gekleidet

Work placement
at Mohibi High School, Kabul

Student Project by Anahita Latifi

Anahita Latifi, student in Art therapy and pedagogy program, chose to do her work placement from 17 March to 22 April 2012 at Mohibi High School in Kabul.

Art in Prison

bridging the society

A group of 15 art pedagogy students called "kunst.voll" implemented their project in Bremen prison.

Festival of Art as Research

Laura von Raffay, Myrthe Reinsberg and Neele Ruckdeschel, Students in art therapy/pedagogy, transformed Ottersberg railway station into a platform of idea exchange and networking for artists to create their work based on research approach.

Interculturality in University

University as Research Subject

The great heterogeneity of different cultures who study and work in Ottersberg rose the academic question on “Interculturality at the University" in 2009. 

Photography Seminar
by Claudia Christoffel

Between 2003 and 2006, the number of apartments and villas in Spain was ca.1.2 million higher than the potential demand.

Diagnosis by Spanish economists: real estate tumor - abnormal, uncontrolled growth

It doesn't belong here!

Aesthetic evaluation of university photos

Over three semesters Johannes Graf observed everyday life at the university and wondered that among things students and university staffs used to see daily, what disturbs their view – what does not anymore?

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