Velada Santa Lucia 2013

Artistic project in Maracaibo, Venezuela

Mosquitoes bite, Toads lick

(Mücken drücken und Kröten lecken)

7 students in the field of fine arts travelled in the foot steps of Alexander von Humboldt to Venezuela to dispute with art and science. Cooperation with students at Universidad del Zulia Facultad Experimental de Arte in Maracaibo was the goal.

Let your hair down

(Lass dein Haar herunter)

Eight selected artworks of Fine Arts students at HKS were chosen for an exhibition at the Art Society Rotenburg in May 2012.

einverleibt, zweiverleibt, dreiverleibt.

A conventional exhibition goes like this - artists show their works in galleries or other premises established for the art show. Is this kind of exhibitions not too conventional for students of fine arts program at HKS?

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