Ellinor Balbach, student in performing arts pedagogy, spent 2 months Mitrovica where ethnic conflict occured.

I’d love to, but I just don’t know what

ich würd’ so gern, ich weiß nur nicht was

In 2011 Nora Maciol, Kirsten Bremehr and Diana Mayer-Karstadt, 3 students in Performing Arts Pedagogy, worked with dementia patients at “Haus im Park“ nursing home in Bremenhaven.

Time for Momo

After "Kra Kra Krabat", "Jim Knopf, Molar and the Wild 13", "Time for Momo" is the third production of the integrative theater project of the Rotenburger.

Theater Project "Sproutbau"

A play developed by Paula Richter, HKS student, as part of her thesis performed in August 2007.

Biography as resource

Dance Theater, director Rée de Smit

Maybe it is just a word. A picture. A gesture. A biographical detail, released in a special room. Suddenly there is a movement, a choreographic picture: A dance is created.

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